Learn to Fly in Plant City, FL

Cessna Plane - Learning to fly in Plant City, FL
If you live in the Tampa Bay area including Brandon, Lakeland, Valrico, Plant City, etc., and if you are interested in learning to pilot an airplane, you've come to the right place. Plant City Airport is a great flight school choice!
The Private Pilot Certificate (PPL) is like your Driver's license. As a private pilot you can fly an airplane and carry passengers (friends, family, co-workers, etc) but not for compensation or hire. However, you can share the operating expenses with your passengers. The private pilot certificate is the first step for those interested in a career in aviation. This extensive training program will give students a solid foundation in aerodynamics, meteorology, and hands-on flight experience.
How long will it take to get my Private Pilot License?
Most people who dedicate their time to obtaining a pilot's license do so within a 2 month period. If you have a regular job and can only dedicate a few hours a week, then it may take about four(4) to six(6) months to accomplish it. You can set whatever pace you desire.
Can I take a short flight first to see if I like it?
When do courses start?
Do I have to pay for the course up front?
Is advanced training available?
Ok! How do I start?